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Welcome to the STCA print email

The Scottish Terrier Club of America is the AKC breed club for the Scottish Terrier.  Its members are a diverse group united in their interest in the breed. dheckbrindlethumbThey spend time with their dogs at home on the sofa and at a variety of activities, including social events and all kinds of performance events from Conformation showing to Agility to Earthdog. Some members also breed and raise puppies while others participate in the rescue and rehoming of Scots who need a new home. Universally, members of the STCA love their Scotties.

We hope you find the information on this website useful whether you are a confirmed Scottie lover - or somebody interested in the breed.  There is a wealth of information provided and many contacts who would love to visit with you about Scots.  Navigate the site by using the menu at the left or on the top.

The Search Function (below the photos on the of top page) can be useful finding information. 

Here is a brief index of what you will find under each menu item.

  • About the STCA: Information about the STCA including membership info, committees, BOD members, SOP's, Forms, etc.
  • The BreedLearn about the Scottish Terrier, history, standard and the ever popular Pedigree Search
  • Purchasing a Scottie: Information for those looking to buy a Scottish Terrier, including breeder referral and other information.
  • Showing and PerformanceLearn about conformation, performance and companion events for you and your Scottie
  • Scottie Health:  Information about Scottish Terrier Health  - and the STCA Health Trust Fund. There is a wealth of information here
  • Scottie Rescue: Sometimes Scotties need a home and STCA Rescue is dedicated to making this happen. 
  • Shoppe: Our on-line store with all sorts of great Scottie Items - from the decorative to the informative - such as the new 2010 Guide to Grooming the Scottish Terrier.
  • Feedback:  Send a message to the STCA Web team.

2016 Rotating Specialty


Visit the 2016 Rotating Specialty Page soon for the full scoop!

Coming Soon!

The STCA Webteam has been hard at work on an updated version of the STCA Website.  We are not ready to promise a launch date yet - but soon.
The picture on the front page changes every few seconds. Don't pay to much attention to the content shown.


The new site should work better on mobile devices, be easier to search and find things on and be a little more jazzy

2015 STCA HTF Survey


The STCA 2015 Health Survey is closed.

Thanks for all your submissions.

 Link to the 2015 STCA Health Trust Survey

Privacy Notice

"The STCA would like all of our members to know that we take the protection of their privacy very seriously. We have learned that there was a breach that was entirely out of our control and are taking proactive measures to ensure this should not happen again.
Fortunately we believe that this was an isolated event. However, we would like to remind all of our members that the membership roster is for club and personal use only. Please do not ever share it with non members. Thank you."