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A previous statement which was published on or about 7pm EST to11pm EST on January 22, 2015 was published in error before it was fully reviewed, finalized and approved. That statement does not reflect the position of the Scottish Terrier Club of America and cannot be construed or utilized by any entity or individual in any formal proceedings against the STCA. The following is a brief message from the President followed by the official statement approved by the STCA.


There is no doubt that STCA members love and cherish their Scotties, and all who own a Scottie can be zealous in their passion for the breed. The Board, which has been entrusted with the management of club affairs, feels quite the same. The statement below may not please everyone, but we are limited by club rules, liability issues and the law which we must put above any emotions and feelings we may personally experience. Thank you so much for your understanding. C. Hill, Pres.


Public Statement about Rescue Trust Fund

It is important to clarify and distinguish the relationship between the STCA and groups who do rescue and STCA’s non-relationship to Rescue operations.

The STCA as an AKC Parent Cub has never done actual Scottish Terrier Rescue, meaning the day-to-day operation of fostering dogs, providing veterinary care, transporting dogs to rescue groups, and finding new homes. The STCA as a club will never take on that role. We feel it is a function of Regional Clubs and/or independent/stand alone rescue groups. There are a number of Regional Clubs who do have a rescue program as part of their club functions, but there are others who rely on these independent rescue groups, most of whom have 501(c)3 status, raise their own funds, and have the necessary liability insurance.  Regardless of whether it is a local Scottish Terrier club operation or an independent rescue group, there is no agency relationship with the STCA. The STCA has no control, no connections, no authority, no legal ability to make any decisions, or determinations as to the appropriateness of activities involved in a rescue.

When the STCA Rescue Trust Fund (RTF) was formed in December, 2005, the stated purposes of the Trust are to:

  1. Coordinate with local rescue associations’ efforts to locate, house, evaluate, and re-home any abused or abandoned Scottish Terriers in need of new homes,
  2. Contribute to the financial support of homeless, abused or abandoned Scottish Terriers, including medical care, dental care, temperament and health evaluation, grooming, food, and shelter requirements.

The Rescue Trust Fund was formed to raise money for the “purposes of funding, in whole or in part, the care of homeless or abused Scottish Terriers” through a grant process only on an individual dog basis.

 It was clearly intended in the beginning that the role of the Trustees and the Rescue Coordinators(s), was, as it is now, to facilitate financially, only on an individual dog basis not rescue. To that end, the Rescue Coordinator(s) have maintained lines of communication between themselves and the many rescue groups across the country, both private and those of Regional Clubs.  The RTF itself is a source of funding that may be given, if approved, to any rescue organization that applies for a grant, and the grant is approved by a majority vote of the five (5) Trustees. 

However, it is also clear that in the past 10 years, the scope of rescue has changed. In the beginning, most rescue groups had only 3-4 dogs per year; in 2013 it was reported that this rescue network took in over 500 Scotties. Many of the actual rescues now are done by the independent rescue groups, some of which also do all-breed rescues. Many Regional Clubs have dropped their rescue programs in favor of using these independent groups, due to lack of manpower, funding, and increased liability.

Following discussion at the STCA Board Meeting October 1, 2014, the STCA Board and the Rescue Committee have determined to dissolve the Rescue Committee. This does not affect the continuation of the STCA Rescue Trust Fund

We ask you to bear with us as the STCA Board reviews the aforementioned topics that have come before us. We are a Board of 14 members who live all across the USA. Concerns as serious as those which have been expressed by many cannot be answered quickly or by email.   Our Rescue pages at www.stca.biz will be revised as we update our rescue information