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The Scottish Terrier Club of America and Rescue

The STCA(Scottish Terrier Club of America) Rescue Program is made up of a combination of  sanctioned  Regional Clubs, independent Rescue organizations, and individual Scottie lovers, sharing their love of the breed and dedicated to helping those in need.  These groups network with each other.  Not all Regional Clubs have rescue programs but there are other rescue programs or organizations that cover most of the United States. All of these programs/organizations operate independently of the Scottish Terrier Club of America, carry their own insurance, and do their own fund-raising. If they wish to be listed here, they are expected to agree to and follow the STCA Code of Ethics and the Rescue Code of Conduct, and to sign a waiver that absolves the STCA of any liability.   The Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) itself does NOT rescue and place dogs for adoption. We only provide the links to allow members and guests to find a rescue program/organization.

The Rescue programs/organizations are listed here for your convenience. If you are interested in becoming part of the rescue network, please contact a group that is in your area and they will help you get involved.  If you are interested in adopting a Scottie, please read below before you contact a rescue program/organization…

How Adoption Works

Contact one of the Rescue Programs/Organizations listed on the website, preferably one near your home.  You may be asked to fill out an Adoption Request Application. In addition to completing the application satisfactorily, you will be given an on-site visit by that organization to confirm that your situation is the best for the dog that is up for adoption.  Not all rescued dogs are able to adapt easily to a new home, so it is important for the rescue organization and YOU to be sure they have the best match for you and the dog.  Most of the Rescue programs/organizations will ask you to pay an Adoption Fee, which helps to cover the medical bills, grooming, and food while the dog was being fostered prior to adoption.  In return the Rescue program/organization will help you through the entire adoption process and beyond to be sure the adoption is successful, the dog has a forever home, and everyone is happy.

Raising Money for Rescue

The Scottish Terrier Club of America has established a Rescue Trust Fund, to assist rescue programs/organizations with meeting rescue expenses for a particular dog that are beyond their capability.  This non-profit organization is supported by donations from STCA members and the general public. The fund is 501(c) 3 and your donation may be tax deductible.

To donate online, use the Donate Button to the left.  Checks, made out to SCA Rescue Trust Fund, should be mailed to:

                                                            Linda Hill, RTF Treasurer

                                                            1613 Winfield Rd

                                                            Midland, TX 79705              

Rescue Code of Conduct print email

The STCA Requirements for the Rescue Code of Conduct

Scottish Terrier Club of America (STCA) does not rescue dogs.  Rescue is a decentralized effort by volunteer rescue groups operating independently throughout the country.  Volunteers shall include, but not be limited to, a Regional Scottish Terrier Club or an independent organization created solely for rescue work .  The STCA Rescue Contacts Web Page acts as a purely informational site for locating rescue contacts and to facilitate communication between groups and the public.  Each rescue is responsible for establishing its own policies and procedures.  The STCA does not endorse or accept responsibility for any of the contacts listed on the STCA Rescue Contacts Web Page and to be listed, each group signs this Code of Conduct and an agreement to hold the STCA harmless in any dispute.

Scottish Terrier Rescue groups operate in the recovery, rehabilitation, evaluation and re-homing of purebred Scottish Terriers in permanent homes suited to the temperament of the specific Scottish Terrier.  A rescue Scottish Terrier shall be considered any Scottish Terrier of unknown origin that has been lost, abandoned, or voluntarily surrendered by its owner; or, in the event that the breeder is known, that breeder declines to accept responsibility for the Scottie.

The following items must be agreed to by all rescue groups in order to continue to be listed on the STCA Contacts Web Page.

  1. All rescue contacts and those associated with the individual rescue groups will hold the Scottish Terrier Club of America harmless on all activities, decisions, procedures, obligations, re-homing Scottish Terriers, and all other issues regarding Scottish Terrier rescue. To be listed on the STCA Website, all rescue contacts and organizations are required to sign this Code of Conduct and a Hold Harmless Statement.
  2. Scottish Terrier rescue is an all-volunteer, charitable endeavor.  Scottish Terrier Rescue Contacts listed at the STCA website do not represent the STCA, do not operate under the control or authority of the STCA,  and may not use their inclusion as a contact listed at the STCA website for personal gain or for profit of any kind.