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Location - Oklahoma

My name is Poppie and I'm a terrier of the Scottish persuasion.

Scottish Terrier Rescue
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Rescue Brings Back the Love-smThe Scottish Terrier Club of America Rescue is here to help you to apply to adopt one of our rescue dogs, to surrender a Scottie or to learn more about how you can help Scotties in need by donating to our Rescue Trust Fund or offering your time to help Scotties in need.

Our network of volunteers is dedicated to providing Rescue services to Scottish Terriers. We are comprised of regional STCA clubs and independent affiliates across the country. We are a cohesive, experienced and professional group of rescuers who have dedicated our lives to responding quickly to the needs of dogs who have been abandoned, abused or who are simply in need of a new, loving home.

Our primary goal in the Rescue Program is for the rescued Scotties to be placed in a wonderful, permanent home. If you adopt a Scottish Terrier through one of our Scottie Rescuers, your dog will reward you with eternal love and gratitude.

Here on our website, you will be able to find a Rescue Coordinator in every state in the US where we have volunteer coverage. Contact the one located closest to you if you need a safe place to relinquish your Scottie, to adopt a rescued dog or to ask questions about the process. Each Coordinator’s email address and telephone number is listed for your convenience. An Adoption Application can be completed on this site and emailed to the Coordinator(s) you select to begin the adoption process. Please be sure you read our list of Frequently Asked Questions about Scottish Terriers before you consider adopting.

You can also use our site to donate to our 501C3, tax exempt, Rescue Trust Fund. This financial support system was created to help Rescuers with extraordinary expenses for Scotties that come into their rescue organizations. An application for Financial Assistance from our Fund and directions for applying are also available. If you want to assist us in our mission by donating your time, supplies, funds or assistance to any of our Rescuers listed on the website, please contact us!

We hope you will visit us often to enjoy the pictures and articles about happy endings and to see some of the available rescues that need loving, forever homes.  Please feel free to contact us, or a local coordinator, with your questions about rescue.


National Rescue Coordinators.


Erica Cerny, Phone: (973)361-6790

Click here to email Erica Cerny

New Jersey

Jeanne Lishia, Phone: (301) 807-3248

Click here to email Jeanne Lishia



The Scottish Terrier


The Scottish Terrier's character and personality reflect the bleak and lonely moors of his origin. He is no hail-fellow well met. Life to him is serious, to be met with dignity, reserve and stout heart. He is by nature aloof, accepting few friends outside the family circle, but to the accepted few his devotion is deep and life long. A secure place in his home, the understanding and companionship of his folks are essential to his happiness. Banish him to outdoor loneliness and his temperament and health will surely suffer. He is extremely sensitive to praise and blame and adapts to your moods, quiet when the household is quiet, ready for activity when that is the program. Properly trained, he is a gentleman on the street, tolerant of admiring strangers, but indifferent to their blandishments, heedless of yappy street dogs unless attacked, when he will fight to his last breath regardless of the odds against him.

Brought up with children who respect his independent nature and his rights as a living personality, he will adjust to their activities and even appoint himself their guardian. However, his dignity makes him tend to shun rough and tumble games. He likes a purpose in all he does. He is not given to the aimless gamboling of more light-hearted breeds. His favorite games are those which appeal to his hunting instincts; the ball to be pursued, the squeak toy to be demolished, rambles to be enjoyed in fields or even on city streets. The Scottie is no doormat of a dog. His independent spirit may try your patience at times, yet his strong desire for approval will win compliance with your wishes where harsh words and punishment will fail. To those who appreciate his unique character, the Scottish Terrier is a friend and companion, second to none.