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Poppie -  MalePoppie_2

Location - Oklahoma

My name is Poppie and I'm a terrier of the Scottish persuasion.

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Adopt a Rescue Scottie! print email

If you are interested in adopting a Rescued Scottie, fill out the Online Adoption Request.  This form gathers information from you and sends that information to the rescue coordinator you choose using email. Because the Rescue Coordinators use this application as a part of their initial screening process, please fill out the application as completely as possible. 

What can I expect after I fill out an application?

Individual Rescue Coordinators may process their Rescue Application Forms slightly differently.  Each rescue program is run independently, although all of the programs meet the basic criteria set out by the STCA.  Once the coordinator has read your application, they should send an acknowledgement email.  The response will let you know that the application was received.  The coordinator may ask for some additional information and in some instances may even ask for you to fill out an additional local application. 

Because circumstances do change, some local programs will hold an application on file for a limited time.  If a rescue Scottie is not found within this holding period, then the application is set aside -- so ask if you will need to fill out another application at a later date.

If the coordinator finds a Rescue Scottie and your application appears to represent a good home, you can expect to be contacted for a follow up interview.  Many coordinators also ask for a home visit before they will actually place a rescue Scottie in a new home.

After you submit your application

Keep a copy of the email that you receive from the STCA web server after processing your application.

If you don't hear from the coordinator in a reasonable period of time [3 to 5 days], try contacting them by clicking on their name in the Rescue Coordinator list and sending a follow-up email.

Rescue Scotties don't appear with a very predictable frequency.  Most Rescue Coordinators do not have a backlog of Rescue Scotties waiting for placement.