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Over the past 20 years, evidence shows that there has been a marked decline in the numbers of AKC registered Scottish Terriers. In January of 2017, an ad hoc Committee for Strategic Planning was appointed by the board of directors of the Scottish Terrier Club of America to collect data, develop a quantitative analysis and propose strategies to the STCA for the preservation, advancement and sustainability of the Scottish Terrier Breed.

 For the past three months, the Committee members have spent time examining data and looking at root causes of the decline from different perspectives. It is now time to gather information from all STCA Members and non-Members, Breeders and non-Breeders, and allied industry personnel to complete the story. To this end we have developed a short survey to reach out to as many Scottie owners as we can.

We need your input! Please contribute a few moments of your time
to help our beloved Scotties!

 Add your voice to the conversation by taking this ON-LINE SURVEY entitled “Where Have All The Scotties Gone?” and become involved with the final process of data gathering. This survey will be available from May 15th until midnight (EDT) Sunday June 4, 2017.
Thank you!
Lori Kelly, STCA President
Marcia Dawson, DVM, Chair, STCA Strategic Planning Committee
Michael Bishop, PhD, Co-Chair

Go to the STCA Website and you will find the link to the Survey.

Note: You will not be able to save your work in this survey, so it must be completed in one sitting or started over at another time. The survey will take @ 10 minutes.

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